How to Start a Blog and make money-8 steps

How to Start a Blog and make money? In this step-by-step guide, I will help you start your money-making blog. This guide is written assuming you as a complete beginner, although this guide can also benefit intermediate and advance users.

To start blogging you don’t need to have a revolutionary idea for your blog, but rather have a focused topic to start with, In other words, you should choose a profitable niche.

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Step1 : How to Start a Blog and make money choosing Profitable Blog Niche?

4 parameters qualify your topic to be profitable for you.

How to Start a Blog and make money

1. Do you Love your Blog Topic?

If you have a long-term vision for your blog then you must love your blog topic or niche. You don’t then it can be seen through your articles and you will soon lose interest in the topic and may quit.

So it is very essential to look for the topic you know well and have a passion for it. You can also learn more about the topic as you progress in your blogging journey and develop your blog.

2. Are you Good at it?

People look for expert advice when they have a problem. If they find you are an expert in the topic you are writing about they can be loyal readers of your blog by subscribing to your list.

If you are not an expert but have an interest in the niche, you can gain more knowledge about your niche and then help people with your articles.

3. Are people looking for help in your niche?

Research if there are a lot of people in your niche constantly looking for solutions you are planning to offer through your blog. If there is not much demand then it is not worth investing time in that niche.

You can research the demand using free tools like Keyword Planner available in Google Ads. Look for the total number of searches made from your target location and analyze Total searches made versus Competition.

How to Start a Blog and make money in 6 easy steps

Look for ideas with more than 1K searches with low Competition to start with, as you learn more advanced SEO stuff and your blog ranks higher you can target high competition keywords later.

4. Are People willing to pay for Solutions?

The money you make is directly proportional to the size of the problem you solve.

If you solve a problem where people are not willing to pay for the solution, your efforts are wasted. So carefully look for niches where you can sell your advice and recommend affiliate products or services.

To confirm the above-said research if there are any products and services that are appearing on the Google search result page and also look for any available paid courses. This can confirm the profitability of your niche.

Step 2: Name your Blog | Pick up a Domain Name.

Naming a Blog or buying a domain name is critical to how you position your blog and how fast you can get credibility from your blog readers and search engines.

Although I don’t recommend anyone to write their blog posts to please search engines. Search engines like google have evolved and completely changed their algorithm favoring user experience.

So if you are trying to trick the Traffic God (Google), you may achieve a little success initially, but sorry to say that your blog will fall flat on the floor soon in the future.

How to start a blog and make money with Brandable Domains?

Positioning yourself as a brand is the game-changer today. Readers connect well with brands, There are debates on the internet so look for a domain name that is brandable and if possible has a keyword in it.

Some of the extremely successful brands like Pinterest, Canva, and Quora don’t have any keywords in their name but they are doing great. So I recommend you u